Govt not interested in takeover of Sai Trust

Govt not interested in takeover of Sai Trust

In an interview with Deccan Herald, he said: “Taking over the trust does not feature on the agenda of our government. All we are trying to do is extend full co-operation in providing all help- from roping in experts to giving clearances and  bringing in the required equipment so that it helps Sathya Sai Baba recover.”

He also said that there was not even an attempt to interfere with the functioning of the Trust.

His presence along with Heavy Industries Minister Geetha Reddy had given rise to a lot of speculations that the government was reviewing the situation of the Trust and that the possibilities of a take over was on the card.

He, however. agreed that there was pressure on the Trust to be more transparent.
He said that the members of the Trust -- former chief justice of India P N Bhagawathi, Indulal Shah, former CVC S V Giri, former CII National President V Srinivasan --  are people with good record.

However, it took a series of meetings and tough negotiations for the government officials from Hyderabad and the police officers before convincing the Sathya Sai Trust to come out in the public and clarify the various allegations it is facing to prevent any law and order situation.

There have been a series of allegations against the Trust from siphoning of money and property to being responsible for the current state of the godman. After several attempts, Subramanya said, he managed to prevail upon the Trust members to address select media and sources told Deccan Herald that former Justice Bhagawathi (retd) along with Ananthpur District Collector Janardhan Reddy would address the media on Sunday.
Sources said the the local MLA Palli Raghunath Reddy had, on Saturday, demanded that the Sathya SaiTrust advice the doctors to reveal what medical intervention could be implemented to help recoup Sai Baba and had also urged the Trust to come out in the public and clarify on all the allegations.