Dynastic succession has now infected mutts: Nidumamidi

Dynastic succession has now infected mutts: Nidumamidi

The searing indictment of mutt heads by a pontiff known for his progressive views came at an event organised to celebrate the 120th birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar.

Addressing the function organised by the Bescom SC/ST Employees’ Welfare Society, Chennamalla Swami said the love for one’s biological children to the exclusion of others, a disease limited to politicians so far, had now spread to mutts.

“In most mutts, the illegitimate offsprings of pontiffs are appointed as successors to ensure control and ownership of assets, wealth and power,” Chennamalla Swami said.

“Dynastic succession is a major evil threatening the nation. When privilege by birth was institutionalised, the nation becomes stagnant and status quoist, and the caste system is entrenched,” the seer said.

“Reformers such as Basava, Vivekananda and Ambedkar are just icons today and the ideals propagated by them are not practiced. If Dalits become economically empowered, they build temples where Brahmins are priests,” the Swami observed.

“Some of the worst criminals of the day are Brahmins and Jangamas,” Chennamalla Swami said, debunking superiority of caste.

“If a Brahmin is by definition a man of knowledge and noble living, how many Shoodras who meet that criteria are accepted as Brahmins by Brahmins,” Chennamalla Swami wanted to know.

The Shoodras have created the cultural wealth of the country, the seer said, and urged them not to fall at the feet of religious heads. “You have the responsibility of taking society on the path of equality. Do not touch the feet of sadhus and sanyasis. That is a sign of the Vedic tradition of surrender. Do not surrender. Bowing, a tradition of civility, is enough,” the seer said.