Measure your English skills through PTE

Measure your English skills through PTE


ELT is the acronym for English language teaching. There are many English language tests available. In terms of academic English language tests there are three major tests available in the market: IELTS, PTE Academic and TOEFL. Typically an English language test will test the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. The format of each test will vary.

PTE Academic measures real-life English and tests the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Using language in real time is a very specific and unique aspect of the test. Using 20 integrated and often innovative item types, students have to respond within preset time limits to demonstrate that they are really comfortable in using English as it is used in everyday academic life. Test takers answer task-based questions using real-life authentic academic material from a variety of contexts and scenarios. The Dynamic Tutorial, demonstrating all 20 item types is available for download from

The procedure to apply for an English test differs for every provider. With PTE Academic candidates can register online up to 48 hours before their test.

PTE Academic has rapidly built up acceptance from universities, training providers and student services worldwide. This includes recognition from Ivy League colleges in the US including Yale University and Harvard Business School and 50% of Russell Group universities in the UK. PTE Academic is recognised by more than 80% of UK universities. PTE Academic includes high-level endorsement from the UK Border Agency for Tiers 1, 2 and 4 of the Points Based System.

PTE Academic accurately measures the communication skills of international students in an academic environment. The advantages of PTE Academic include:

*Flexible – Choose a date and time that suits you
*Fast – Results within five business days
* Global – Test centres internationally and across India
*Convenient – Single three-hour test session
* Economical – Free unlimited score reporting for two years

Typically, institutions will be able to view test takers’ scores within 48 hours of them being assigned to their chosen programmes.

It is very important that test takers spend some time familiarising themselves with the format and content of the test before test day.  There are many PTE Academic resources designed to help test takers prepare, including:

* A scored online practice test with same-day results
* An unscored online practice test with sample answers
* A free test tutorial providing a detailed overview of the test
* The Official Guide to PTE Academic containing over 200 practice questions, analysis of sample responses, test-taking tips and more — available through Pearson Longman and

Test takers can visit to access the latest information and resources, including FAQs and test preparation advice.

Test takers can register, schedule and pay for a test via the secure online registration and booking website. They can then create an account, search for available appointments, schedule their test and pay the test fee. They can also register and schedule via one of Pearson's Customer Service Centres. They can register up to 48 hours before their test date.

Students taking the test need to have a valid, current government-issued ID. In many countries, a passport is the only acceptable form of identification.

PTE Academic is competitively priced in each market. The test is priced at Rs. 7,650 in India.

(The writer is Regional Director, SAARC countries, Pearson Language Tests)