Family backs Sathyajith

Family backs Sathyajith

"Sathyajith had served Baba with all his heart and soul. Come what may, we as family will stand by him," a close family member said.

The family members of Sathyajith are hurt by allegations levelled against him and say that they do not want Sathyajith to shirk his responsibility now. Initially, they wanted him to quit the ashram, but decided to back him on seeing the conviction of Sathyajith.  

"He believes that truth alone truimphs. So, we have decided to stand by him. Such allegations should not have been made against a dedicated and clean person like Sathyajith, who sacrificed his family, life and career for the sake of Baba," said the family member.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, the family member said "Sathyajith was disciplined, strong, fearless and sincere. This made Baba like him so much. Baba had openly praised Sathyajith at various platforms including the Gurupurnima celebration in 2003," says the family member.

Taking exception to the allegation that Sathyajith had been administering sleeping pills to Baba, the family member said that Sathyajith used to stay awake in the nights by having tea and coffee just to take care of Baba. Such was the dedication of Sathyajith towards his Guru.

Rubbishing the allegations that Sathyajith had made Baba a captive, the family said that Baba was 'fearless and free' and no human being could keep him as a captive for he was supreme. "For Sathyajith Baba was his god," he said.

"Baba personally did not believe in giving explanations and clarifications to allegations levelled against him in media during his lifetime. We kept quiet in the beginnng but now there is a need to talk because these allegations are belittling  all the sacrifice done by Sathyajith. There are many young boys working silently in the Ashram without any expectation and recognition. These incidents should not scare them”, said the family member adding that they have faith in devotees who have  called Sathyajith  a noble soul.