Food Fix

Food Fix

Mango mania

It quenches thirst, increases the appetite, aids digestion, cures constipation and calms the nerves. It controls acidity too. It’s also believed that when mango is eaten along with dates, honey and almonds, it increases virility!

Flaky Mango

Ingredients: Mango pulp — 3 cups; Rice flakes (medium) — 1/2 cup; Milk — ¾ cup; Sugar or honey — to taste; Coconut gratings (optional) — 2 tbsp; Cardamom powder — ¼ tsp; Raisins — a few; Cherries or  Gems — a few to garnish.

Method: Wash the rice flakes in water and soak in warm milk along with raisins for half an hour (till almost dry). Add mango pulp, coconut, sugar, cardamom powder and mix well. Chill and serve topped with  cherries or Gems.

This is an instant, nourishing dessert for hungry kids. It can also be served in ice cream cones, topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Mango Relish

Ingredients: Sweet mango pulp — 3 cups; Coconut milk — 1 cup; Jaggery powder — 2 tbsp; Cardamom and Nutmeg  (powdered) — ¼ tsp each.

Method: Mix the last three ingredients and stir well till jaggery dissolves. Add the mango pulp  and mix well. Serve chilled.

Spicy Mango Soup

Ingredients: Totapuri mango — 1; Coconut milk — ¼ cup; Turmeric powder — a pinch; Salt — to taste; Coriander leaves (chopped) — a few.

Seasoning: Ghee — 1 tsp; Mustard seeds — 1 tsp; Asafoetida — a pinch; Red chilli — 2 pieces; Curry leaves — a few.

Method: Pressure cook the whole mango with a cup of water. Remove the skin and seed, extract the pulp and add 2 more cups of water. Add the rest of the ingredients. Season and serve.

Tips: During the mango season, peel and chop mangoes and dry thoroughly in the sun. Powder, add a tsp of salt and store in airtight tin. This comes in handy as a souring agent for chutneys and soups when the mango season is over.