Meals on wheels a boon for old and sick

Meals on wheels a boon for old and sick

A pizza or any exotic cuisine is just a phone call away. Though many in this present generation may opt for this option, rarely does one think about the needs of the aged, sick and needy.

‘Meals on Wheels,’ by Balmatta Service League, a sister concern of Karnataka Christian Educational Society (KACES) is all set to feed the hungry with healthy, hygienic and homely meals.

Speaking to City Herald, KACES Secretary Rev Dr Honey Cabral said that he came up with the concept in response to the lacunae created by globalisation.

“Earlier, the relationship with a neighbour was friendlier unlike today which is more formal. When one was not keeping well, the neighbours used to pay visits and share the food in their home. There was a spirit of sharing and caring but with globalisation, one is more into virtual relations and hardly bothers about the person next door,” says Dr Cabral.

He further adds that with opportunities abroad, many youngsters have migrated leaving their aged parents back home and many a times they lack nutritious food. “Meals on wheels acts as a friendly neighbour and delivers hot food on ones doorstep at a nominal fee,” says Dr Cabral.

10 km radius

Meals on wheels will kick off from May 10 on pilot basis. It will operate in 10 kilometer radius from Balmatta covering areas like Pandeshwar, Mangaladevi, Jeppu, Lady Hill, Bendoor and other places in City limits.

The menu will be suited according to taste of the sick and aged. A sumptuous vegetarian meal having pulao, rice, curry, vegetable, curds, pickle, pappad will cost Rs 40. A non vegetarian meal will have rice, chicken/mutton/fish curry or side dish, vegetable and other items available for Rs 50.

In case one is not happy with the menu and wants to have change in items such as chapathi instead of rice or wants less salt in their food can inform the organisation in advance, says Dr Cabral.

He further adds that the food will be prepared in KACES kitchen using steam technology. People opting for meals on wheels should provide the organisation with two tiffin carriers and one month advance, he says and adds that 10 families have already enrolled for the programme.

Sponsor a meal

In case any organisation or person wants to sponsor a meal for another needy person, Balmatta Service League will give subsidy to such meals, informs Dr Cabral adding that the main aim of the programme is to enhance human relationships.

“We have kept a nominal fee, just to bear the food expenditure and delivery charge. The organisation will not make any profit with this,” says Dr Cabral and adds that there are plans to extend this programme in case it takes off well.If anyone is interested to opt for meals on wheels can call 9343161790 or 0824-2422859, says Dr Cabral.