Dosa lives in harmony with anything here!

Dosa lives in harmony with anything here!


Don’t take our word for it. Go try the Pineapple dosa and you will know why we say what we say. It is a marriage of crispiness with sweet-juicy pineapple to create a riot of taste in your mouth.

Here, food is not merely prepared; but it is ‘crafted’ and ‘carved out’ to help your senses enjoy more than they normally would. And if you are longing to get the fire burning in your tummy, gun powder dosa or the Chettinad dosa should do good for you.

Experimenting won’t be a tough task at ‘Dosalicious’ since most of the dishes here are off-the-beaten-track. The man behind this is a foodie and someone who is genuinely interested in doing something different, with all his genuinity and hardwork.

Man behind the venture

An MBA graduate from Weigen and Leigh in Bangalore, the 32-year-old Aniruddha could have set up a hotel that serves almost all dishes.

“I chose dosa because it is an all-day dish. You can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner with different accompaniments. Just change the side dishes and voila! You have a completely different dish here altogether!” he says.

He initially pondered over starting a mobile chain of dosa camps, and left it when the Mysore City Corporation refused him the neccessary license, for the luck of all dosa-lovers. He then put together his savings and his mother’s too. Friends too stood for help and there it was!

The beginning

Dosalicious was born, after being conceptualised by a first generation entrepreneur! Ask him how did he select his men who have churned out such wonderful dishes for him, he says it wasn’t easy - but, he refused to give up.

“Our food — whether with Tamil or Andhra or Karnataka or even Mexican flavour — is wholesome. We have tried to perfect the combinations before we serve it to people,” he says. There is also Chettinadu and Thanjavoor lunch for those who prefer poori-anna-huli-rasam-mosaru lunch.

And the world here does not end with Dosas. The foodie in you can keep discovering much more with adais, idlis (Kanchipuram or button idlis, anyone?), paniyarams, pesarattus, starters (we recommend Idly Manchurian or 65) rasams, soups, rice dishes (north, south and Chinese too), salads etc.

A flagbearer of south Indian dishes, especially Kannadiga food, Aniruddha beleives this is a beginning for something bigger and better. “Just the way as North Indian food has been packaged, it is time we did the same with our food too since it has more varieties and is more friendly to the body,” he says.

While you are there, don’t forget to try a wonderful collection of non-alcoholic beverages. Mango wine must be worth a try, we feel. Head out to Kalidasa road now, to discover the world of dosas!