Engeyum Kaadhal

Engeyum Kaadhal

Love in Paris

It’s short and sweet. Yes, it’s worth watching despite being regular run-of-the-mill cupid saga.

Short given its comfy running time, sweet for infusing peppiness in an otherwise pedestrian and non-existent plot. Enjoyable for its emsemble feet-tapping music, picture postcard photography, mushy-mushy moments, glitzy trip, and above all, being devoid of avenging villians who play spoilsport. Given that he is primarily dancer-choreographer, Prabhu Deva safely sticks to what he knows best and results are there for all to enjoy.

Set in Paris, Deva’s Engeyum Kaadhal, as goes with reel romances revolves around a pair poles apart in disposition. As the adage goes, opposite poles attract, and so is it with Kamal and Kayal, and rest as they say Love Everywhere as goes the title’s translation.

With picturesque Paris providing perfect canvas. How love triumphs between a richie-rich beau leading busy humdrum life and a bubbly student of music and die-hard romantic, who brings romance into his dreary world is what Kaadhal’s all about. Indulge in their courtship and forget the rest.