Sringeri yet to tap water from Thunga

Sringeri yet to tap water from Thunga

A beautiful view of River Thunga in Sringeri taluk which has not been utilised for permanent drinking water purpose.

Despite the river flowing in various parts of the taluk, regions like Rajanagar, Kanchinagar, Shankarpura, Sacchidanadapura and Menase are still deprived of water. It is quite disappointing that none of the political parties in power have taken any initiative so far to come up with a permanent drinking water project using River Thunga.

It is not only the houses in Sringeri town who are dependent on the water supply from the Town Panchayat, but also there are several houses in the surrounding villages whose water need is met by the Town Panchayat.

GP-wise details

Vidyaranyapura Gram Panchayat which consists of a government hospital and government offices always suffers from water scarcity. There are 52 villages under this Gram Panchayat and there are 17 borewells, 94 open wells, two natural water supply bodies to supply water to the public. Yet the Gram Panchayat faces water shortage during the summer.In Addgadde Gram Panchayat, there are 59 villages with total five bore wells, 184 open wells and 11 natural water supply sources.

Begaru Gram Panchayat which has 76 villages under it, has 13 borewells, 129 open wells and 16 natural water supplying bodies to meet the need of the public. If Kere Gram Panchayat consists of 46 villages, with 3 open wells, 46 natural water supplying units, Koothagodu Gram Panchayat has 50 villages with 23 borewells, 59 open wells and nine natural water supply units. Markal Gram Panchayat consists of 111 villages with two borewells, 172 open wells and 17 natural water bodies.

Nemmar Gram Panchayat includes 52 villages with four borewells, 53 open wells and 26 natural water supplying units. Menase Gram Panchayat consists of 87 villages with 825 houses and the water is supplied through 49 borewells, 102 open wells and 12 natural water bodies. Under this Gram Panchayat, 825 houses get 200 liters of water everyday under various Thunga river projects, informed Zilla Panchayat Chief Engineer Ravi Kumar.

Town Panchayat

As far as Sringeri Town Panchayat is concerned, 6 lakh liters of water is supplied in the town everyday, with every individual receiving 130-136 liters of water on an average.

Water is supplied for more than an hour daily from the water purification unit in Hanumanthnagar.