Captured tiger back to forest

Captured tiger back to forest

The forest officials releasing the 12-year-old male tiger captured near Shikaripura, back to the forest near Hipla in Bhadra Reserve forest area on Saturday. DH Photo

The tiger was brought to the release spot in a covered lorry. When the door of the cage was opened, the tiger lethargically walked into the woods and vanished from site.
The tiger was captured on May 1. The tiger was petrified because of the capturing operation and hence it took some days to be back to normal.

Media prohibited

The media was prohibited from covering the tiger release programme. Neither the reporters nor the cameramen were allowed to spot the tiger being released to the woods. Only a national news channel was allowed to cover the event. This raged the media circle. The reporters staged a protest on Saturday night at Muthodi reserve forest guest house.


The reporters were given information about the tiger release programme, by the Information Department. Later, since the senior forest officials told the reporters to stay away as the tiger might get irritated seeing the crowd, the reporters obliged. The officials assured the reporters that the report and photographs would be provided to them through the information department. The media group remained near Muthodi guest house.

Meanwhile, Minister Jairam Ramesh who was travelling in his vehicle with couple of channel representatives, personally took one of the national English news channel’s reporter and cameraman to cover the tiger release programme.

At the same time, the Minister’s security personel forecefully made four cameramen of different channel get out of the vehicle. This raged the journalists.

The four cameramen who were made to get out of the car without any reason, made their way to the guest house passing through the dense forest. The incident made the reporters stage a stir. Baffled by the incident, Minister held a meeting with the forest officials at Sigekhan Guest House.

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