'The atmosphere is electrifying'

'The atmosphere is electrifying'

Straight win

'The atmosphere is electrifying'

When Chris came in, it looked like he would finish the game way before the floodlights came on. The RCB players donned green jerseys, as part of their initiative to go green. But the fans had failed to get the green message and came in red tees and the vendors outside the stadium too kept selling the same.

Only Vijay and Siddhartha Mallya, their supporters in the VVIP enclosure and the cheerleaders, were dressed in green. And
of course, green flags and caps were distributed rather generously.

 The stadium was brimming with life. There was a fair sprinkling of Kochi supporters, some of who had come all the way from Kerala for the game. While those supporting their teams cheered each time their team did well, there were those among the crowd who came in for the sheer love of the game.

A group of fifteen boys had landed from Kerala on Sunday morning just to watch the IPL. Each one of them was a hardcore fan of Sreesanth. And as a mark of their support to their idol, they wore a T-shirt, each with a letter from the player's name. When these boys stood together it read Sreesanth.

They sat together and even displayed Sreesanth’s mannerisms every time Kochi did well. “But for Sreesanth and his efforts we wouldn’t have had a Kochi team and we wouldn’t have made it to the IPL. He’s not here to play today but he’s the force behind it all,” said Bipin who works for an IT company in the City.

People wore horns, brought along green flags and torches... but to add to the fervour was a group of cousins who brought a Mysore Peta and dhoti, just for the match and teamed it with the RCB jersey (in red). The boys danced to every tune. “We wanted to try something different to cheer the team and wanted to get the best seat in the stand so we came early and sat right in front so that our cheering reaches out to the players,” said Sandeep.

Reshma Prakash and her husband Mayur Murthy confessed that this was their first visit to a stadium. “The atmosphere is electrifying and more than watching the match I am immersed in watching the antics of people around the stadium. What they wore, stuff they did and their energy is admirable,” Reshma said.

Mayur added, “I am a big fan of RCB and will support them wherever they are

Rajesh, an IT professional and his two friends Apoorva and Nidhi, both students of Valley School said they were die-hard fans of RCB.

“They will emerge victorious. We’re all for the team and we haven’t missed a single game,” they said. Rajesh added, “Chris has overturned the fortunes of RCB.”   As soon as RCB began to snatch away the fortunes of KTK, Kochi supporters slowly headed out of the stadium. Shahin, who was in the City on business was ecstatic to know that Kochi was playing.

“A group of friends and I were lucky to get tickets for the match and we made sure everyone in our stand knew we were from Kochi. In fact, at the start of the game when Kochi started hitting boundaries we cheered even louder,” he said.

His friend Neha added, “But as soon as the wickets started falling in the first innings we stepped into the lounge and started planning our escape route.” Although Kochi lost, Vinod a professional, felt Kochi put up a good fight during the IPL matches. “For a fairly new team, they put up a pretty good fight,” he said.