Shying away from committing

Shying away from committing

Shying away from committing

That the authorities went on to declare that the project would take off though it was clear that it was not ready and backtracked in the last minute, did not help the matter.

Metrolife spoke to the BMRCL authorities and the aam janta to understand why the deadline was not met and whether the connectivity of the first phase of Metro Rail was good enough.

Reacting to the delay, most people said that it didn’t come as a shock because the slow pace of Metro work made it clear that the deadline wouldn’t be met. About connectivity, people said the Metro Rail doesn’t benefit people who live on the northern part of the City and it would only help people coming in from east and west part of the City.

And yet another group felt that Metro Rail has distorted the look of the City. A senior official working with the BMRCL reasoned that Metro Rail was the only solution to the City’s traffic problem. “The commuters may have to bear hardship until the Metro Rail begins its operations. The fares would be made affordable to the commuter,” said the official and added, “there’s no one particular date that we can give. We’re working overtime to ensure that the Metro Rail chugs out on time.”

People have reacted rather sharply to the Metro delay and the connectivity. While the increasing traffic pile up does bother them, most people can’t help but believe that Metro Rail would help ease traffic chaos in the City. Suman Pooncha, an IT professional, said that the delay came as no surprise.

“If the work was delayed by another four years then I would have given up all hope on Metro Rail but this delay was expected,” she said and added, “Metro work has no doubt added to the mess but it would benefit a large section of the commuters. The network for those coming from east and west of Bangalore seems good. I live in north of the City and it will not make a difference to me.” 

Kavitha Belliappa, a housewife, feels Metro Rail would help control traffic in the City. “My children and I can’t wait to hop in to the Metro Rail. At least the two-wheeler riders would shun their vehicles and start using the Metro. I don’t think those using their cars would give it up so easily,” she said.

Arun Kumar, a coffee planter, thinks Metro Rail has spoilt the charm of M G Road. “I used to look forward to coming towards the M G Road but now I shudder to go there, thanks to the unbearable traffic,” he said. About connectivity he said, “Looks like the Metro Rail will benefit only a handful of people. I’ve no complaints as long as it’s affordable and economical. I don’t want to end up spending more money and time on the road.”