Take the plunge

Take the plunge

A simple test devised to show this phenomenon is to display to a group of people a white sheet of paper with a black spot on it and ask them to state what they see.

The majority will say that they see the black spot completely ignoring so much of white around it.

This negative tendency in us is the reason why so many of us do not achieve what we want to achieve in life. It is not because we lack the capacity or flair to do the things that we want to do.

It is only because we have so many fears, like the fear of failure, the failure of ridicule, the fear of reproach which prevent us from venturing ahead. These unfounded fears are only projections of our mind without any realty.

 They are the ghosts of our own minds which paralyse us in our tracks and drain us completely of our self confidence.

All this seems like a big problem but surprisingly the solution is very simple. Here is a parable which illustrates this; there was once a dog which was extremely thirsty and it ran all over the place looking for water but in vain. With every passing minute it was getting more and more thirsty and weak and if it didn’t find water quickly his end was inevitable.

 Luckily just when it was just on the verge of collapsing it spots a pond of clear water and hurries towards it. When it bents down to reach the water it sees its own reflection in the clear water and thinks that there is another dog in the water.

Being fearful of the other dog it draws back, too scared to approach the water.

Finally the dog gets so thirsty and weak that it knows that if it doesn’t drink water immediately then it would die. So it plunges into the water despite his fear of the other dog in the water.

The instant it touches the water the other dog in the water vanishes and it attains to his object of desire in safety.

Likewise when we step out despite our imaginative fears we will see that our fears have vanished and there is nothing to prevent us from reaching our goals.

Therefore let us not allow our fears to stop us from doing what we really want to do. This has been nicely put by someone who said, “Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.”