Knowledge on wheels

Knowledge on wheels

The mobile library van that has been visiting different points in the city since 23 years.To make this necessity easily available to the citizens of Dakshina Kannada, a mobile library van is striving hard since 23 years to take books to the doorsteps of the readers.

The blue mobile library van, an initiative of the Department of Public Libraries and which works under the City Centre Library (Mangalore) started its services in the year 1987.

Since then this van has been carrying more than 2,000 books on varied subjects such as education, Kannada and English literature, novels, story books and several others. The library visits 24 different points in five days in a week.

Speaking to City Herald, City Central Library Deputy Director Raghavendra K V says that the mobile library van concept came into existence when there was a demand for more branches of public libraries. The shortage of building and staff lead to the establishment of the mobile van.

“Over the years the mobile van has gained popularity especially due to word of mouth publicity. The impact of electronic media can be seen on the library with the declining readership, though the mobile library is still popular among senior citizens and homemakers,” he says and adds that the mobile library alone has a membership of over 2100 readers with minimum 50 visiting every week at each of the points.

The van has over 8,400 books just for it and will keep changing the collection on the racks every week.


The procedure to be a member of the mobile library is similar to being a member of the public library. One has to pay Re 1 for the application and Rs 40 a lifetime membership for 3 books. The money will be returned if one wants to discontinue the library service, informs Raghavendra.

In case if people fail to return the books in time, they will get a reminder through a post card and they have to pay a fine for the delayed return. In case if people lose the books then a penalty should be paid, he says.

“I wait for the library van at the point. It is helpful as it has education related books like CET guides and textbooks from different authors. It will help me in my PUC course,” says a student Sanjana.

Homemaker Rati is delighted with the van as it brings to her some Kannada novels from her favourite authors.

Schedule of the mobile library visits

The library visits Jeppina Mogeru School (11 am-12 pm), Lions club (12-1 pm) and Prasanth Nagar Extension (2-3 pm) every Tuesday.

On Wednesday, the library visits Pumpwell (11-11.50 am), Padil (12-1 pm), Maroli (1.15-1.45 pm), Shakthinagar (2-2.20 pm) and Silver gate (2.25-3 pm).

On Thursday, the van can be found near Boloor (11-11.45 pm), Urwa Market (11.50-12.30 pm), Shediguri (12.40 to 1.16 pm), Zilla Panchayat (1.30-2.20 pm) and Bejai (2.30-3 pm).

On Friday, the van visits Morgangate (11-11.30 am), Mangaladevi (11.35-12.5 pm), Bolar (12.15 to 12.45 pm), Pandeshwar (12.50-1.15 pm), NGO (1.20-1.45 pm) and Kalakunj (2-3 pm).

On Saturday, the van visits Konchady (11-1.45 am), Kunjathabail (12-12.35 pm), Bondel (12.45-1.35 pm), Padavinangaddi (1.40 to 2.15 pm) and Yeyyaddi (2.20-3 pm).
The Library won’t function on government holidays.