Task Force welcomes India ratifying UNCAC

Task Force welcomes India ratifying UNCAC

Building upon India becoming a member of the Task Force in January this year, the ratification, on Friday, comes as part of a broader effort by India’s government to tackle corruption and stem the flow of illicit capital flight estimated at approximately $19 billion per year, the Task Force said.

Legally binding

“The UN convention is the only legally binding international agreement targeting corruption,” Global Financial Integrity (GFI) director Raymond Baker, who is the officiating member of the Task Force, said.

“India has taken a significant step forward both in its own efforts to stamp out corruption and in supporting broader international efforts to increase transparency in the global financial system,” he said.

The convention is currently signed by 140 countries, though many have yet to ratify it. The convention commits signatories to tackle corruption internally through criminalisation and proactive measures and comprehensively through cooperation in asset recovery and information sharing with other countries.