School property encroached upon

School property encroached upon

Wall overnight

The stone wall that came up on the premises of the Government Higher Primary School at Saldanha Circle, KGF, on Saturday morning. dh photoAt about 1 am on Saturday tractors brought in stone slabs to the spot and construction workers started rapidly building the wall around the grounds using the slabs. An iron gate was also fixed into the wall.

Early alert

At dawn, pourakarmikas of the City Municipal Council, who saw the new wall, informed the president and vice president of the CMC.

President P Dayanand and vice-president M Bhaktavatsalam arrived at Saldanha Circle and then called assistant executive engineer Shridhar to the place. They also instructed him to take immediate action against those encroaching the school grounds, without proper records.

The construction work was later stopped with the help of the pourakarmikas.
The school is the oldest school in KGF and, therefore, the incident shocked the residents of the city.