We've revamped 'Heroine' script for Aishwarya: Bhandarkar

We've revamped 'Heroine' script for Aishwarya: Bhandarkar

Speaking from Cannes after the announcement of "Heroine", Madhur said: “First of all it is not about Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor or any other Hollywood or Bollywood actress any more. It is the story of one actress’ internalised journey into stardom, the people that she meets, the experiences that she gathers.

"It isn’t about the film industry. It’s about the experiences of one actress. We’ve completely re-written the role to suit Aishwarya.”

"Heroine" is about life and times of a superstar Bollywood actress and the script is said to have daring, emotional, shocking, glamorous and scandalous behind the scenes account of showbiz.

When asked if the love-making sequences have been deleted as per Aishwarya’s specifications, Bhandarkar gets evasive.

“There never were love scenes…not any that would need serious modification or anything. Too much has been said about the so-called love-making sequences. I never reacted because I wanted to get the script and project in place rather than killing the rumours and speculation.”

Bhandarkar has made quite a few women-centric films including "Chandni Bar", "Page 3", "Satta", "Corporate" and "Fashion".

Reacting to why he chose to announce "Heroine" in Cannes, the director said: “Aishwarya was here in Cannes, so was my producer Ronnie Screwvala. We thought we would get a good global platform for the film. Besides I hadn’t taken a break for a long time. I needed to rejuvenate myself before starting 'Heroine'. It’s going to be a tough one.”