Piece beyond time

fine craft Purnima and Sunil Sethi with a dinnerware display.

“Our home in the UK is filled with these beautifully-crafted pieces that enhance our everyday living to a great extent. With well-known names like Spode and Wedgewood changing hands and their centuries-old modus operandi as well, many of these old names and carefully crafted pieces of fine porcelain will go off the market in time,” says Sunil.

Basically if one is looking for the perfect set of English fine China to serve high tea or an elegant dinner set to complement a nice sit-down meal or whether you want a cleverly crafted Spode breakfast set, consisting of a specially designed platter, teapot and cup, all in one with the signature blue and white design, the Sethis have it on sale at their exhibition.

Besides the traditional old favourites of Wedgewood, Spode and Waterford glasses and tableware, which are on display and instantly recognised by collectors for their timeless and classic appeal, there is plenty of variety by way of contemporary new styles of glass sculpture and artifacts as well.

Amanda Brisbane’s stunning pieces of sand cast glass sculptures with iridescent glowing colours that have adorned luxury hotels and high-end boutiques all over the world, Richard Golding’s metal engraved glass or Blowzone’s multi-layered fused glass pieces, there is plenty of colour and variety on offer for the avid collector.

One can actually choose from fine China dinnerware from Waterford, Royal Doulton, Wedgewood and more popular brands featuring contemporary or ornate designs, floral or scenic China patterns, or simple white China that always makes a classic statement.

“You have a fabulous meal planned, the silver is sparkling, the flowers have been ordered and arranged on the table and now your guests are arriving. Would you plan such a wonderful dining experience on your everyday dishes? Of course not! That’s when beautifully crafted dinnerware from the makers of the world’s finest China comes into play to enhance the whole experience and make it truly memorable,” says Purnima.

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