Education steeped in values

Education steeped in values


BNM Institute of Technology in Bangalore is one of the few institutions that has secured a place among the top five ranks in Karnataka.

It was founded in 1972, with a vision to impart value-based, quality education. Over the years, the institution has successfully maintained very high standards, imparting quality and comprehensive educational solutions.

BNM Educational Institutions provide students the opportunity to study in the same institution for 21 years, as they offer everything from kindergarten to Pre-University courses.

The Pre-University college offers combinations in Arts, Science and Commerce streams. The degree college offers students B.A, B.Com, BBM as well as the Bachelor of Engineering degree programmes and Post Graduate MBA programme along with the M.Tech programme with research facilities.

The management believes that competence, courage and character are the vital components that should form the core of all that is imparted in a classroom. Narayan Rao, secretary of BNMIT says, “The value of education that is provided in this institution is far better than others.”

“The uniqueness of this college is that the faculty is outstanding and experienced. Almost 70 per cent of the students comprise of women students. Therefore, this shows the confidence of parents in this institution,” adds Narayan.

Udaya Kumar, Principal, BNMIT, has obtained his MTech from IISc and PhD from Yugoslavia. A total of 131 teaching members are in charge of the various departments and courses at BNMIT. Among which a large percentage hold PhDs.

The different undergraduate programmes offered are:
*Computer Science and Engineering
*Electronics and Communication Engineering
*Electrical and Electronics Engineering
*Information Science
*Engineering and Telecommunication

Postgraduate programmes offered at BNMIT include:
*Master of Business Administration
*M Tech in Computer Science and Engineering
*M Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
*M Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The college has enjoyed high university ranks, recent among them being Nagasweta NM and Rakesh HP who secured fourth and sixth rank respectively in Telecommunications.


All classrooms are well-ventilated, spacious and conducive to studies. The campus has a well-equipped computer-aided engineering drawing lab with close to a 100 work stations.

They also have two seminar halls that come with DSDB receivers for beaming Edusat programmes with  audio/video-enabled, DTH e-learning centres and multimedia projection systems.

The library at BNMIT is user-friendly with a large collection of technical and non-technical data and resources. They also have national and international journals and magazines on different subjects. The bar code system installed for quick identification and efficient circulation helps the librarians keep a tab on their umpteen records and books. Apart from academic books, the reference library also provides students with an exceptional collection of books on social responsibilities, nature conservation and so on.

The campus also provides a clean and hygienic canteen, serving three meals a day for students and staff. Hostel facilities and a campus-owned bus service is available to out station and day scholars respectively.

The Institute lays equal importance to both education as well as extra-curricular activities, the management claims. Students have long been a part of several inter-collegiate and state-level athletic and cultural meets. An annual team from BNMIT also represents the college at the university-level annual symposiums.

Students are also encouraged to use on-campus amenities such as the gymnasium that boasts of the best of equipments from USA and South Korea. An offline team on campus provides mandatory training in de-stressing, stretching and scientific breathing exercises on a weekly basis.

Cultural activities

Kalabhageerathi , the cultural club of BNMIT is a much-in-demand club for the talented lot at BNMIT. Art forms like Abhinaya, Naatya, Sangeetha, fine arts and literary events encourage the creative streak in students. One of the main events of Kalabhageerathi is ‘BNM Idol’ where talented students compete for the title.

BNMIT is well known for the numerous national and international conferences, workshops and seminars that it organises every year. Students and faculty members of various institutions, scientists have been associated with the college for over a decade.

They also have student development programmes, where students are trained in the skills that are necessary to face challenges in the outside world.


All students with a CET rank in the range of 1 to 1000 are awarded a Rs 25,000 scholarship. SC/ST students with more than 60 per cent marks in PCM are awarded Rs 10,000.

The T Rama Rao Memorial Scholarship of Rs 10,000 is awarded to those students with the highest CET rank in general merit or in Kannada medium category.