Sharing experiences with youngsters

Sharing experiences with youngsters

Alumni meet

Some of the alumni members who were present were from batches as early as the year 2000 and it was a highly nostalgic affair. The chief guest on the occasion was Sajan Zacharias, from the 1984 batch, who is the CEO of a travel company.

The alumni meet was officially inaugurated by the traditional lighting of the lamp which was followed by the final year students singing a devotional song Parma Pita Prabhu. The alumni members then came forward to share their experiences.

Sajan Zacharias, who had come all the way from Oman to be part of the meet, said, “The college has come a long way since we passed out. Many of its students now are senior corporate associates. Many of us have been in touch for a long time and meet every year. We have also had alumni meets in Oman and the UAE. These alumni meets also act as great talent scouting platforms as many of the older people have their own

Most importantly, we can share our experiences with the younger generation and aid in preparing the youngsters for industry exposure. When people travel to new countries, alumni associations help a lot, as people like to go a long way for a fellow classmate and college mate. I am really overwhelmed to be here and to be able to interact with youngsters.”

The youngsters also seemed to be equally thrilled about the alumni meet. Rohan Jyotishi, a 2009 batch industrial engineering and management student, said, “For me, the main highlight of the event was to be able to share my experiences of college and take my learning from college to work. It was a little bit of nostalgia and great meeting people from other batches.

The other highlight was that the whole event took place in the new auditorium, which was still under construction when I was studying. It has shaped up nicely and I love the changes that have taken place on the campus.”

Sagar from 2007-09 MCA batch said, “I had never scored more than 60 per cent until my graduation. However, during my MCA, I was the batch topper in every semester. Thanks to the lecturers here, I was able to achieve this.”

Students of the 2010engineering batch also celebrated their graduation day along with the alumni meet.  Sunny Shekhar, a 2010 batch, mechanical engineer, said, “It is actually a great  experience listening to  people who have been in the industry for close to 20 years. It motivates us to do better.”