He washes 2-wheelers using bike engine

He washes 2-wheelers using bike engine

The bike engine-motor pump model used to wash the bikes.

This quote stands true with many who come up with innovative ideas and begin new trends which at times change the way in which the world functions.

For Suresh M L, a bike mechanic from Kakkinje in Belthangady taluk, the idea of washing the bike using bike engine emerged due to the necessity. Suresh, who owns Sri Guru Auto Works in Kakkinje village, electricity is inevitable for washing the bikes which are brought to his workshop. But as the workshop is located in the small village, electricity supply is quite unstable. In the absence of electricity, the mechanic had to depend on generator which was not affordable for him.

As Suresh was in search of an alternative method to wash the bikes in the absence of power supply, the idea flashed in the form of a bike engine.
Speaking to City Herald, Suresh said it all started with buying a damaged Yamaha Libero bike.

“Nearly two months back, a damaged Libero bike was brought to my garage for repair. As the owner was not interested to keep the bike for himself, I decided to buy it for Rs 5,000. And then using the bike engine, I gave a try to extract the water for washing the bikes,” says Suresh.

How it functions

To make the pump run with the help of bike engine, Suresh has connected the bike engine to the motor using the bike belt. The belt in turn is attached to the back wheel rim making the motor run as the bike starts. By applying top gear to the bike engine, with average idling at place, the back wheel rim will start turning in speed and the water rushes to clean the vehicle. According to Suresh, 1 litre petrol can wash minimum 12 bikes.

“Though I have spent a little to buy the damaged bike, the engine has proved fruitful to me. Many a times the things which we ignore, themselves become useful at one point or other,” he says.