Vocal duet: Chilakunda bros complementary to each other

Vocal duet: Chilakunda bros complementary to each other

Chilakunda brothers presenting a vocal duet at a programme organised by Sri Shankara Jayanthi Sabha in Mysore. dh photo

They were accompanied by H K Narasimhamurthy(Violin) and  Nagabhushanachar (Mridanga). Dr C A Gurudutt and Dr C A Nataraj were the brothers who presented the vocal concert. They have learnt music under Venkatanarayana Udupa Shastri and their mother Sathyalakshmi Anantharamiah.

Their loud voice do not require microphone. Needless to say they were complementary to each other. Both the brothers have equal enthusiasm and are eager to give something new to the listeners. This was evident from the very first piece, an unheard varna not in the usual Adi or Atta taala but in Khanda Triputa taala.

The Varna ‘Sarasijaksha’ was  in raga Nayaki composed  by Rudrapatna Venkataramanayya. With a firm foot in tradition they exhibited  a singing style that  possessed  firmness . The varna was followed by ‘Vara Ganapathe’(Udayaravichandrike-Rupaka-T.Chowdiah)in salutation to Lord Ganapathi. This carried a frill of swaras too. Yet another uncommon krithi in a rare raga was ‘Umapathe paripahi Shankara’ in Viramohini raga. ‘Naada tanumanisham’ (Chitharanjani-Adi-Tyagaraja)was perhaps the only familiar krithi presented. Gurudutt sang an outline of Natakuranji that lead to ‘Parakelasaraswathi’ of Tirupathi Narayanaswami.

The main raga was Shankarabharana. It was fairly elaborated by Dr.Nataraj .

‘Shankaracharyam Bhajeham’ was appropriate selection for the occasion. A neraval at “Mandasmitha mukhambhoja” was followed by a robust kalpanaswaras. H.K.Narasimha murthy contributed immensely  for the success of the concert. Nagabhushanachar’s powerful beats concealed his age.

Sri Krishna Seva Samithi Charitable Trust of Gokulam celebrated its twentieth year of Sri Krishna Temple. On the concluding day of Brahmarathotsava, Vid Manasanayana presented a vocal recital. H N Smitha (Violi) and A Radhesh (Mridanga) and Herbert lang(Khanjira) accompanied him. The selection of the compositions by Manasanayana spoke of the commitment and importance he gives for music. Manasa has a good repertoire of krithis. The good training and rich manodharma results in the success of the concert.

He opened the katcheri with ‘Gaanamurthe’ (Gaanamurthi-Adi-Tyagaraja), the popular keerthana. Mysore Vasudevacharya’s ‘Mama hridaye’ in Reethigowla included an alapa that was quite imaginative. The next keerthana was ‘Baro namma manege’ in Varali and the kalpanaswaras between the vocalist and violinist was lively and enjoyable expressing their fertile imagination.

An interesting ugabhoga that portraits the angry face of Yashoda ‘Yashode kopisikondu’ was followed by the old time favourite ‘Mella mellane bandane’ in mohana.  An ashtapadi of Jayadeva in Darbari kanada was soothing. Another meaningful ugabhoga ‘Benakananollenavva’ in Khamach was followed by ‘Mandagamane ivanaare’.

He concluded the concert with ‘Bandanene Ranga’ in Madhyamavathi.