Doing their bit for environment

Doing their bit for environment

Biodiversity day

 As part of the activity, student volunteers and members of the club organised a ‘Signature Campaign’ and took out a rally on the campus. With colourful placards, posters and masks, the students spread awareness on biodiversity issues and encouraged people to take an initiative to preserve diversity of life on earth.

“It was a grand inauguration for the Eco-Club. The very thought of taking up an initiative to celebrate the international day for biological diversity was remarkable. I felt it was a wise way to celebrate as well as spread awareness on this occasion,” said Abdul Kader, a student.

The theme for the day was ‘International Year of Forests, and Forest Biodiversity’. And the goal of the club is to help people understand how important biodiversity is for a healthy and sustainable development on earth. The students gave a great response to this programme as they observed the day by dressing in shades of green. They even held hands and took an oath to protect the environment. “The Eco-Club staged an innovative and symbolic effort to spread awareness. Holding hands and displaying banners reminded us of our duty towards nature and also that it is only through united efforts that we can make a difference,” said Grace Getzie, another student.

At the end of the day, the members were happy with the response from the college. “It was indeed a great experience for us. It gave us immense satisfaction that we did our part towards protecting the environment by creating awareness,” said Indra, from the club.