Traffic junctions to turn into showpieces soon

Traffic junctions to turn into showpieces soon

As many as 15 developers have come forward to contribute to the City, by helping in the maintenance of the junctions. The Association is slated to spend nearly Rs 15 crore on the junctions.

The beautification and maintenance will be undertaken by the companies at a cost of Rs 50 lakh to Rs 60 lakh for each junction. The junctions will be adopted by the developers for a period of six years, as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility.

However, the Association has been told by the BBMP not to put up any hoardings or large signboards at the junctions which they have adopted. “The companies will be given permission to put up small signboards to indicate that a particular junction is being
maintained by them,” said an official.

BBMP is expecting the Association to provide it the designs, so that a standard look can be approved for the 49 junctions. Once approved, all the junctions will be upgraded and beautified in the next three months.

Junctions to be upgraded

Ten junctions are being adopted by the Legacy Group, the largest number by any company. Key junctions like Minsk Square, Garuda Mall Junction and Forum Mall Junction are likely to be upgraded and maintained by Mantri Developers.

Meanwhile, Mayo Hall Junction, Rajajinagar-Bhashyam Circle Junction and the Mysore Road Junction near KSRTC office will be adopted by Century Real Estate Holdings Private Limited.

The GPO Junction, Guttahalli Circle Junction and Satellite Terminal Junction will be maintained by Purvankara. Meanwhile, Prakruti Nest will be upgrading the BDA Junction and Palace Cross Junction.

The Halasuru Road and Dickenson Road junctions, along with the junction on CMH 100 feet road, will be taken care of by Total Environment Developers.