The power of beads

The power of beads

Natural Charger

Good omen: Rudraksha Mala is believed to be beneficial.

Owning a rudraksha is considered a matter of destiny and people have wonderful stories associated with how they managed to procure a rudraksha mala.  Many myths are also associated with this wonderful bead, which is the seed of the fruit of rudraksha tree.

Breaking the misconceptions about Rudraksha and enlightening Bangaloreans about the beneficial aspects of rudraksha was Rudralife. Started by Tanay Seetha in 2002, Rudralife is on a mission to educate the masses about the power of Rudraksha through seminars and exhibitions. Tanay Seetha, an engineer, attributes destiny to his foray into this endeavour. Elaborating on the medicinal aspects of Rudraksha, he says, “Rudraksha is a natural charger. It absorbs our own energy and releases it when we need it. It is also good for controlling blood pressure and diseases like diabetes. We have done tests at AIIMS regarding the medicinal aspects of rudraksha and have received five patents on it. The use of rudraksha makes sense specially in the fast-paced life that most of us lead. Rudraksha is ideal when it comes to dealing with stress.”

The authenticity of the beads has always been a matter of grave concern. “We buy 85 percent of Nepal’s production. However, we just represent five percent of the market. It is impossible for a layman to find out if a ‘rudraksha’ is authentic or not. The only fool proof method is through X-ray scanning. My advice to people is to buy rudraksha that is lab certified,” added Tanay. Rudrakshas can cost from anywhere between Rs 75 for a single bead of a five-mukhi rudraksha to Rs 70 lakh for a 21-mukhi rudraksha. When asked about the most popular rudraksha, he said, “In terms of sales, the most popular rudraksha is the seven mukhi, which is for Lakshmi and used for the acquiring wealth. The 11-mukhi rudraksha is also a universally strong bead and is for Hanuman. It provides determination and confidence as well as immunity against diseases. It doesn’t have a ruling planet and therefore is not influenced by planetary motion and aids in warding off negative thoughts.” He was also seen sporting a 13-mukhi rudraksha. “It is great for people who are into marketing and in professions that involve public speaking,” he said.

Rudralife is organising an exhibition-cum-sale at the Infantry Hotel till May 30 where people can either buy or get additional know-how on the wonder bead.