Shortage of doctors rocks TP meet

Shortage of doctors rocks TP meet

The House decided to suspend Karike Gram Panchayat Development Officer by issuing notice, for not supporting the elected representatives in carrying out the development works.

Benguru, Kakkabbe and Karike Gram Panchayats have not yet submitted the Action Plan for the projects and works to be implemented in the GP for the year. All the remaining GPs have promptly submitted the report. Taluk Panchayat President Kavitha Hosamane said that if the action plan is not submitted then the amount sanctioned by the government will be sent back.


The children learning in Anganwadi at Palemadu Paisari in Hoddur Panchayat limits are deprived of food. Member Umesh Neravanda said that when it comes to children one should forget politics and work sincerly to provide good facilities to children.

He said that the area has large number of coolie workers and dalits. These people have built an anganwadi building all by themselves. However, the children in the anganwadi are not provided with food.

Nobody has participated in the tender called recently to supply food to Anganwadis citing that the price quoted by the Government to very low and will not be commercially viable to the suppliers, said Child Welfare programme officer adding that a tender will be floated again.

Shortage of doctors

Members brought to the notice of the House the fact that there is shortage of doctors at Health Centres across the taluk. “If we have good health centres we do not have doctors and at places where we have doctors, we do not good health centre buildings. How do we take care of people in such a situation,” members questioned.

When ZP President Ravi Kushalappa asked if retired doctors can be re-appointed, officials said that it is left up to the government.

Milk collection

Dairy farming has been growing strongly in Bhagamandala, Napoklu and nearby areas but KMF has not been collecting milk from these places, said member Umesh Neravanda. “The milk producers are facing huge loss due to the same. KMF should think of starting a  milk collection centre in these places,” he said.

Members said that agriculture equipment provided by the department is expensive when compared to the open market, despite the Government providing subsidy. They said that barring tractor and tillers all other equiment are expensive.

Officials replying to the same said that the price of the equipment is fixed by the government and the officials have nothing to do in the fixation of cost.

Strict vigil on govt vehicles

Zilla Panchayat President Ravi Kushalappa has said that strict vigil will be kept on all the roads providing connecting to outer part of city so as to check the government officials from using government vehicles for personal work.

“Several officers working in the district have been seen utilising government vehicles for personal purposes. On Saturday, after finishing their duty, they travel to their villages in office vehicles. These officers who misuse the office vehicle will be identified and action will be taken against them. Government vehicles which ply out of Madikeri on Saturday return on Monday morning. The government appointed drivers are made to do personal works of the officers,” he said warning action against both the driver as well as the official who misuse the vehicle.