In the middle of nowhere

In the middle of nowhere

Erratic drivers

In the middle of nowhere

own trip People face a lot of problem when buses do not stop at the bus stops.Many people will agree that travelling in a crowded city like Bangalore is a painful task. What makes it even more chaotic is the poor public transportation service. The commuters also face the problem of buses not stopping at designated bus stops causing major inconvenience to commuters as well as traffic in general.

Says Anjan, a working professional, “This has been a serious issue of late. It is often noticed that buses instead of stopping at the designated place stop anywhere according to their wish, causing a lot of chaos on roads. The drivers must maintain lane discipline so that the normal traffic is not obstructed. They should not stop at any place other than designated bus stops.”

Moreover, it can have serious consequences also. He adds, “Sometimes these buses stop in the middle of the road and the passengers who alight the buses may be at risk of
getting hit by the oncoming traffic.”

A lot of people face the same problem everyday.

Says Vinay, who stays in Banashankari, “The buses, when running late, just do not stop at the bus stops because they are in a hurry. I have experienced this a lot of times. Another problem is that they stop at a distance from the stops and the passengers have to run behind the buses to board them. The buses stop at different places everyday and people have to walk all the way from there to wherever they have to go.”

So is the BMTC unaware about the havoc its drivers create on the roads? A BMTC spokesperson says, “The drivers have been instructed to stop at the designated bus stops and in the event of them not following this, action is taken against them. Even the traffic police ensures that such situations do not arise.” But evidently, at many places, people still complain about such problems from the BMTC buses. These days traffic policemen, instead of monitoring traffic, are seen on the bus stops teaching the bus drivers to stop at the bus bay.

Supriya, a student, says, “I have come across this problem many a time. However, compared to a few months back, the situation has improved a lot. But they need to make it stricter and the drivers should also take care to follow the rules. Youngsters can run and board the bus, but what about the old people?” she asks.

All said and done, the infrastructure also has a role to play. Says Cleanne, a marketing executive, “In many places, there are no proper bus stops, which leaves the people as well as the bus drivers clueless as to where the bus needs to stop. Also, there are instances when there are two to three traffic signals between two stops, and the buses in order to save time, decide to stop only at the signals and not at the bus stops.”