Farmer makes fortune from pigsty

Farmer makes fortune from pigsty

Farmer makes fortune from pigsty

G Jyoti vaccinates pigs at her pigsty in Lakkur in Malur. DH photo

However, the farmer-couple L K Suresh and G Jyoti of Lakkur village chose to do different and are reaping good benefits.

In a village about 10 km from Malur where rose cultivation forms the lifeline of farmers, the couple chose to rear pigs. However, there are not alone as there is another piggery farm.


Suresh, a progressive farmer, earlier cultivated vegetables on his five-acre land. However, due to depleting ground water Suresh had to find other means to support his family and chose to rear pigs.

With the help of Dr Yashawant, a pig farming expert at UAS in Hebbal in Bangalore, Suresh set up a sty on a half-acre hand and started rearing yorkshire and landrace breeds of the pigs which can weigh up to 300 kg fetching good returns.

Jyoti, a graduate, decided to not only to support her husband but also lent a helping hand. Every day, she washes up 500 to 600 pigs and feeds them.

Feeding pigs is not a problem as they eat anything that comes in their way. They are even known to scavenge their food.

However, domesticated pigs are feed carefully. Jyoti said that left overs from five-star hotels in Bangalore, along with barn (both wheat and rice), fodder and oilcakes forms the major part  of the food source.

Interesting, Jyoti also vaccinates the animals against common diseases like foot and mouth and Anthrax.

Good demand

“These breeds put on 70 to 80 kg of weight in just two-month period,” Suresh said and added that the animals were supplied to Mangalore, Kodagu and even to Kerala. The demand for pork is through out the year and peaks up during summer, he added.

Sharing his secret of success, Suresh said that success and profits were assured if one put his heart and soul in his work. “No work is inferior, it is only our mindset,” he said and added that one should cross that barrier to become successful.