Homework for happiness

Homework for happiness

When you feel right in your mind, fresh and happy, you be very good in your studies. Put your mind on these points and see how it can enrich your lives.

First, learn to laugh at the problems and do not be afraid of failures in life. When can you solve a problem? When you take it as a challenge. When you take something as a problem, you are part of the problem, not the solution. When you take something as a challenge, then you become part of the solution. If you laugh at whatever happens to you, then you have achieved something very profound in your life because laughter will give you strength to manage any situation. Someone who is educated, strong and flowering in his personality, should be able to laugh even when everything falls apart.

Second goal is to support the weakest in the group. If you are weak in a particular subject or a sport and everyone comes to help you, then you will not feel the weakness anymore and you start looking to support someone else who has failed. If others have the same attitude, then you will all get support whenever you need it. There is a story about a very wise and funny man from Persia. He was drowning in a river and was saved by one of his friends. After that day, this man would find him in the marketplace or shopping complex or a party and remind him how he saved him. The wise man got frustrated and said, “Let us go to the point you saved me from. Now I am going back in. And don't tell me again that you saved my life. I am saving myself.” So, don't try to cash in on your support of your friends. Nobody wants pity and compassion. All they want is friendliness.

Thirdly, you should feel one with everyone in the school, lots of love and oneness. Feel closeness with even one teacher in the school. Feel that I belong to the teacher, the teacher belongs to me. Also, be in the school without feeling it as public property. 

Lastly, your main motive in life should be to see a better nation, a better world. When you love your Nation, achievement also happens. Take both the modern and the ancient, and move ahead. The roots are spirituality, our tradition and culture.

The leaves and branches are science. When you take science and spirituality together, then you will progress in life. Focus  work and leave the rest to the Divine.