'It was an offer I couldn't refuse'

'It was an offer I couldn't refuse'


'It was an offer I couldn't refuse'

glamourous Sophie ChaudharySpotted recently in the City, cheering the Bangalore Royal Challengers, the actress-cum-singer says she had taken some time off and had headed down South to work with her all time favourite choreographer-cum-director Prabhu Deva.

Talking about her experience with Metrolife, Sophie says when Prabhu Deva approached her to sing a Tamil song and then dance for it, she simply couldn’t refuse. “I had been offered films from the Southern film industry before but due to other commitments, I couldn’t take them up. This was an offer I couldn’t refuse especially when he said that he would be choreographing the song. Which girl doesn’t want to dance to Prabhu’s choreography?” she says.

The movie, tentatively titled Prabhakarna, stars Vishal and Sameera Reddy. And Sophie says that the song is an extremely energetic one. She had recently gone to Chennai to record it and had even practised the dance.

“The music has a folk flavour. It was a challenge to sing in Tamil as one must get the pronunciation right. But I was more nervous about the dance. We recently practised it and I am sure people are going to love it,” she adds. Speaking about Prabhu Deva, Sophie says that as a director, he is a taskmaster but as a choreographer, he is even more tough.

“I have only heard that his steps are rather difficult so even before the practise began, I was nervous. I remember messaging Duggu (Hrithik Roshan) and asking him how did he handle Prabhu’s choreography and he laughed and told me to just enjoy things as they come. And that’s what I did,” she says.

But this move does not signify the end of Sophie’s career in Bollywood. “Talks are on for Hindi films. I was actually supposed to Tinku Jiya in Yamla Pagla Deewana with Dharamji’ but unfortunately, I had other commitments.  I remember Dharam’ji’ told me that the song was done keeping me in mind but there’s always a next time. I will soon be singing in a Hindi film but I will tell you more on that some other time,” she signs off.