Senior citizens tribunal set up in Madikeri

Senior citizens tribunal set up in Madikeri

To protect the rights of senior citizens, a divisional-level senior citizens tribunal has been constituted in Madikeri. The Tribunal aims at providing maintenance to those senior citizens who are neglected by their family members.

To provide protection to the senior citizens, the union goverment had passed ‘The maintenance and welfare of parents and senior citizens Act 2007.’

Accordingly, the tribunal has been started in the divisional level. The tribunal in Madikeri division will be presided over by Assistant Commissioner Dr M R Ravi.

Any senior citizen who has been neglected by their sons or relatives can complain to the Tribunal.

The case will be disposed within 90 days. There is a five member committee to solve the problem through negotiation. The committee members are K K L Rao, B J Chinnappa, Muthappa, T C Thammaiah and K M Meenakumari.

After the verdict, if the children and the relatives fail to provide maintenance grant to the senior citizens, then warrant will be issued at the children and relatives. The tribunal has the right to imprision those who fail to follow their order. The tribunal has the right to provide maintenance upto Rs 10,000. If the applicants are not satisfied with the verdict, then they can appeal to the Deputy Commissioner.

The Tribunal can also take up suo moto cases. Those who would like to complain can approach Assistant Commissioner’s office or Senior Citizens Welfare department.

Tribunal gets 2 applications

The Tribunal has received two applications seeking justice. One K S Uthaiah has submitted a complaint against his son Sadashiv and has asked the Tribunal to give him a maintenance of Rs 15,000 per month. In another case, K S Madappa of Bilugunda village has filed complaint against his son Ponnappa. The Tribunal will hear the case on June 4, said Dr M R Ravi.