Dancing to the tunes of little angels

Dancing to the tunes of little angels

graceful An odissi recital. dh photo

The audience, mostly the parents of students who were performing, occupied their seats much before the event started as they were eager to see the performances of their little ones. The event began with an invocation performance Namo Ganesh, seeking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. The girls presented a wonderful piece without showing any signs of inhibition or hesitation. The little angels also performed three more pieces which showcased their skills in postures, stance, footwork and expressions.

The next performance, Oriya Abhinay, was presented by Yashna, Samhita, Sanghita, Ashmita and Anavi. They performed to an Oriya song, Mallimala Shyamoku Dibi by Upendra Bhanja, which showcased how Gopikas cajole and serve Lord Krishna in various ways.

Up next was Batu, a dance recital dedicated to Lord Shiva. Performed by Siddharth, Swati Rout, Rimi and Gayatri, this piece was based on Raag Kalyan and set to Ek Taal. The experienced dancers gave a wonderful presentation with their apt movements and perfect postures.

The next performance was based on Geet Govind and dealt with stories on Lord Krishna.
 Prithvi P Nayak and Maya Krishnamurthy beautifully portrayed many anecdotes from Lord Krishna’s life like Krishna killing demons like Madhu, Mura and Naraka.  

Based on Raag Megh, the next performance, Megh Pallavi, succeeded to create a magical effect on the minds of the spectators. The dancers Siddharth, Ipsa, Rimi, Ruma and Gayatri got a lot of appreciation. The experienced and equally talented artistes like Swati, Liji, Prithvi, Maya, Anavi, Swati Rout, Yashna, Samhita, Sanghita and Ashmita performed Bhagashree Pallavi, a pure dance item. The performance was a treat for both the eyes and ears as it was an ensemble of the vocalist and the dancers with fast and rhythmic variations.

The concluding performance was Moksha in which the dancers prayed for salvation. Performed by Swati Pai, Liji, Prithvi, Maya, Ashmita, Anavi and Samhita, the pure dance sequence was followed by a shloka.