'Shruti is a total director's actor'

'Shruti is a total director's actor'


'Shruti is a total director's actor'

 Soham Shah

After Kaal, director Soham Shah was not seen for a while. He is now back with his latest release Luck, an action-adventure film starring newcomer Shruti Hassan and the still fresh Imran Khan.

Soham says the movie has been a real roller-coaster ride. “I once saw an interview on television, where a man narrated how he fell off the 47th floor of a building and survived. Captured by it, I started seeking more such miraculous stories where people got lucky and used it as an inspiration for the film,” explains Soham.

Similarly, the movie revolves around different characters and how luck has played a role in their lives and they all end up in the betting world. The movie also marks Soham’s move outside Dharma Productions. A move that has been both fruitful and a learning experience. “You end up learning a lot, on your own. I have come across so many different producers and actors who perceive you so differently outside Dharma Productions,” he says. “It has not been an easy transition because the entire situation in and outside the production house is very different. I still consider the very first break I got as an assistant director in Dharma Production as my lucky moment, for which I will always be thankful for.”

The film has a great blend of young and veteran actors like Imran Khan, Shruti Hassan, Mithun Chakraborthy, Sanjay Dutt etc. A combination, which Soham, says was a pleasure to work with. “Both the generations have different perspectives of working. While the young ones bring in the freshness and want to concentrate on their performance, the senior actors set the standard very high and are mentally settled, away from the insecurities and even equal the younger ones when it comes to energy,” he explains.

Each actor in the movie is unique and special to Soham. While Imran, he says, is a treat to work with, Shruti is a total director’s actor.

Sanjay Dutt, he explains, is the life of the movie, “All the characters in the movie are very realistic but we specially designed Sanjay’s role as a larger-than-life character. When you see him on screen, you must feel like paisa vasool,” he adds.

Ravi Kishan is said to be the surprise package of the movie. “I first saw him on the reality show Bigg Boss and I knew I wanted him in the film. He is a total surprise package, the role is parallel to that of Imran, only with darker shades,” he says.

“Ravi is one character who can irritate you and make you laugh at the same time. It’s those realistic images that I wanted him to bring on to screen,” he says.

As for the future, Soham is busy working with two projects for Sanjay Dutt’s production house.

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