When surroundings become a washbasin

When surroundings become a washbasin


Outraged he looks up to the row of windows and before he gets a chance to even raise his voice, the traffic signal goes green. The serial spitter gets away again and the poor by-stander is left behind fuming.

Many Bangaloreans have been the unfortunate victims of this disgusting habit. If not anything as dramatic as the phlegm falling right on them, red blotches are a common sight in the corners of buildings, bus stops, roads and almost any other public place.

Why people choose to ‘leave a mark’ in such a barbaric fashion causing inconvenience to fellow City folks is hard to comprehend. However, a solution to this public nuisance is long pending. Metrolife asks Bangaloreans how people spitting on the road should be brought to task.

Nikita Patil, a sixth standard student says, “I have noticed many people do it. The government should create awareness by putting up hoardings and ‘no spitting’ signs everywhere. They should also fine a minimum of Rs 50 on people caught in the act. That way people will not use their surroundings like a washbasin!”

On the other hand, Jayaprakash Jayaraj has some simple advice for people who spit incessantly on the road. “My advice is just gulp it down buddy. There is no need to spit saliva out on the road. In fact, saliva is really good for you, which I am afraid not many people are aware of. However, if you have a cold then spit it out on a tissue paper. I am sure finding a tissue is not that hard,” he added.

There are also people like Bhavin Patil, a professional, who has lost all hope and says there is nothing anyone can do about people spitting on the road. “I have a colleague, who spits in the parking lot all the time. I have told him repeatedly not to do it but he doesn’t listen to me. I don’t think you can stop people from spitting on the road or any public space. Even talking to them doesn’t help as they just don’t listen.”

On being quizzed about how they intend to discourage people from spitting on the road, the BBMP officials say, “We have been constantly creating awareness about spitting being an unhygienic practice with the aid of pamphlets. As of now, we don’t fine people who spit in public places but we might do so if the situation demands.”


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