'Grades limit a student's personality'


Unfair: Marks are not the only yardstick for judging a student.

Promises are kept and broken and shedding a tear or two on the day of the parent-teacher meeting, waiting for the teachers to blurt out their views on the students’ grades and conduct, is a nerve-wracking scene. It is depressing and frustrating for youngsters when it comes to coping up with academic and peer pressure.

With most parents having a pre-conceived notion that higher grades lead to the all-round development of their wards, it is tough for students who are sensitive and get demotivated quickly. Metrolife asks students how important they think grades are for an all-round development of their personality.

“Grades give you a level of achievement in life. Something that you have earned for yourself. They give you the confidence and motivation to achieve greater heights and portray how determined and capable you are. They reflect on your personality,” says Vamsi Krishna, a second year engineering student of Christ University.

Shourya Veer Singh, a journalism student, also from Christ University, says, “Though grades determine your personality in certain situations — like a classroom, they shouldn’t be used as a benchmark when it comes to achieving your dreams. Even with lower grades, one can become an inspiring and confident personality. Our former president Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is one such example.”

“If a student scores high grades, it does not mean that he/she is a boring person or a nerd. The individual may actually be very lively or humourous. At the same time, if someone scores low grades, you can’t tag him or her as ‘dumb’. They could be smart at something else,” says Sherlie Priyanka Stephen, an undergraduate student.

Prasanth Parvataneni, another student, sums it up saying, “I feel grades limit the personality of the students. There are many dimensions of personality like self confidence and street smartness that grades cannot explain. So one cannot consider grades as effectively conclusive.”

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