In sync with each other

In sync with each other

Captivating Performance

graceful A dance recital.

The company’s repertoire spans from bharatnatyam to kathak to Indian martial arts and Europe’s contemporary dance techniques.

Organised by ICCR and Department of Kannada and Culture on the occasion of the 29th year of  ICCR, the evening began with an audio-visual demonstration of the company’s performers during their practice sessions. This was followed by the first performance which was an invocatory kathak piece. Bharti Vittal and Chitra Arvind performed Ganapati Stuti in Raag Hun Sutvani.

The performance was extremely elegant and wonderfully executed. Seeing the two dancers perform, one could appreciate the subtle beauty of the piece and the work that had gone into it. The coordination between the two dancers was really good and went on to show how well-trained they were. From expressions to hand movements, everything went in a flow.

The next performance was the Shiva Stuti in Raag Radha Latangi by Sahana and Jason. The bharatnatayam performance was a complete joy to watch. Both dancers danced extraordinarily well, with the sound of their anklets filling the auditorium as their feet moved in front of the microphones placed on the stage. The dance was mesmerising and even the minute technical errors in the sound system, during the performance, did not divert the attention of people.

Everyone was glued to their seats as the dance came to an end and the crowd cheered the performers. Up next was a kathak performance, titled Dashavatara, describing the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The artistes performing this beautiful piece were Bharti and Chitra. 

The music was by Shankar Shanbog. The piece was choreographed very well and was fascinating to watch, as the dancers showcased the various avatars. The ones described in the dance performance were Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Narasimha, Parashurama, Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Balarama.

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