Furniture beyond belief


Furniture beyond belief

 Beyond Belief has dining tables, recliners and sofas.

This store, on Bellary Road, sells highend products from boutiques across the globe.
 The store was started by Anil Kathotia and Uday Jamnadas.  The duo travel extensively looking for exclusive pieces that gel well with Indian homes.  “We do not manufacture anything here, but source everything from outside,” adds Anil.

The main attraction at this 10,000sq.ft store is the Moroccan furniture.  There are dining tables, recliners and sofas.  “Ox hide is used here.  We also have some products where horse hair has been used,” says Anil.

There are some classy designs for your home from Itally, Spain, Bali and Switzerland to name a few.  These start at Rs. three lakh upwards.

“The maintenance of leather is easy.  You can shampoo wash it and we also provide some gels that keep the sheen of the leather,” Anil adds.

 If your stomach churns just thinking of sitting on a leather sofa, then Beyond also offers some sleek designs in artificial leather and fabric. There are also dining tables and chairs made from teak wood.  Some come with contemporary and unusual shapes while there are those with intricate hand carvings or the wooden table that also comes wih bamboo inlay work.

There are spring mattresses, carpets in varied hues, shapes and sizes.  But a larger section again focuses on accessories and designs for your dining or drawing rooms.  
“That’s because people prefer to custom design their bedrooms, and each room is shaped and sized differently so we do not want to focus on that front, says Anil.
Furniture made from six mm. leather is a “speciality of Beyond”.  This one, made from buffalo hide is imported from Brazil, but is made in Italy, says Anil.  It is priced at Rs.four lakh and above. “People are ready to pay for good exclusive designs these days.  Money is not an issue for them.”

 He continues, “infact, the products that are priced really high are the ones that are sold fast.  For, the designs are so unique and exclusive.  We travel all around the world to source the best for  our people.”

In case your head spins looking at the vast range of designs then Anil will offer to visit your home.  He will scrutinize your home, the lighting, colours, shape of the rooms and makes his suggestion.

Though we are not professional designers, somehow, we have been successful with our ideas.  We also do not use flood lights at our boutique, for we want to present the products as they are, in regular lighting.” beams Anil.

There are vases in interesting shapes along with black and white paintings of Europe. Then there is also silver jewellery from Indonesia that are beautifully framed and can be used as wall hangings.

The paintings ae priced at Rs 2,000 each, while the jewellery is priced higher.
 Beyond may be contacted on 98450-34343. The store is opened between 11.00am and 7.30pm and is closed on Tuesdays.

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