Lost treasures

Where are the days
When the warm sun rays
enveloped the wings of a pretty butterfly?
The blooms, the blossoms and buds await in hope,
but with the filth of pollution the butterflies find it hard to cope.
Where, oh where are the days when a dainty sparrow
twittered on the window sill to share your sorrow?
Today the sparrows are amiss,
Sadly, they may perish tomorrow.
Where are the days when in pure, unpolluted air,
the morning glories bloomed without having to brace themselves to bear
the diffusion of pollution?
Is there a solution?
No answers to this question.
Where are the days when lush gulmohar bloomed regally,
nature’s crimson rubies, glouring naturally
did not have to make way
for pollution astray?
Letting these simple but significant treasures to give space to dust and grime,
would be a sin, or call it a crime.
It is not too late
to replenish Nature’s fate...
There is still time,
There is still time...

Sarah Fathima
(16 yrs.,)

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