'Western clothes are comfortable'

'Western clothes are comfortable'


Colourful: Young girls feel Western wear come without any trappings.

Bangalore is an established home for changing fashion. Every new style which comes into the fashion circuit is seen in the clothes that youngsters wear. But in today’s changing trends, does ethnic wear still have a strong position? Saris are worn during school and college graduations as well as on occasions like ethnic day or cultural day. But do people just wait for these days to don ethnic wear and then hide them away in their wardrobe again? Many institutions do have an imposed dress code where students must compulsorily wear ethnic wear but is this what they like? Metrolife asks young people about the popularity of ethnic wear.

Says Disha Bhomawat, a second year student of Christ University, “I prefer wearing Western clothes as they are comfortable. My mother also used to dress me in Western clothes when I was a child so I’m more used to it. Though I am compelled to wear ethnic clothes everyday due to college rules, I don’t feel they are for me. I still find saris gorgeous and love the look they give.”

Riddhi D’Souza says, “It mostly depends on my mood but I find ethnic wear quite comfortable, especially kurtas and leggings. I do not wear traditional Indian clothes because most of them are too flashy and decorative for my taste.”

Notes Emy Alex, a working professional, “I wear traditional ethnic clothes only on special occasions. Being an Indian, I feel any ethnic wear will look beautiful on Indian women. It comes automatically.”

Ishita Gaddipatti, a second year student of Christ University, finds both types of clothes comfortable. “Ethnic clothes are classy and give a new feel. They also give others a good impression of us. Western outfits are perfect for casual occasions and parties.”

Bhargava Venkatesh, a second year student of PESIT, says, “It’s a sad thing that I don’t own any ethnic wear. But if I did, I think I would only wear it on special occasions. I’m used to jeans and T-shirts and none of my friends are very ethnic in their dressing sense too.” Lots of young people aren’t in favour of ethnic clothes but everyone agrees that there is a link between occasions and Indian attire. There is something that our clothes bring to the atmosphere of an occasion which Western clothes do not have.

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