With the wisdom of hindsight

With the wisdom of hindsight

Taking a break after graduation seems to be a conscious decision for many students nowadays. While some may just want to have a year off to relax, there are many who think that a year’s work experience would do a lot of good to their future prospects.
For Anjali, it was a well-thought over decision. Having done her Bachelors in Commerce, she now wants to do a short diploma course or work in a company for nine months to a year.  She says, “A lot of MBA institutes give first preference to engineering students. So if I have a work experience it will probably give me an edge over others.” This is what drives most of the students to do small jobs before getting into professional colleges. For some, it is an urge to explore all the options that are available to them before taking the plunge.  And given the gamut of options available today, working for a year or two gives one enough freedom to try out different areas of work. Says Trishma, “In the past one year, I have tried my hand at many things. So now I have a clear idea as to how I want my career to shape up.”

 Manish adds, “When you take your break you can try all your options. So besides studying further, if you really think you are cut out for that particular job you are working in, you can continue in that line.”  This works the other way round too. Anvesha, who wanted to be a postgraduate in finance, decided against it.

She says, “I had once worked as a financial analyst and didn’t like the work one bit. So this made me rethink on my decision and I went ahead and did my MBA in marketing.”
However, for many it is not all about work. After four gruelling years of engineering, students like Charan, prefer putting studies aside.

He says, “When you are in college, you really work hard and it takes a toll on you. It is definitely advisable to give yourself the required break to ease your mind.”  When it comes to placements, having work experience, increases the chances of getting placed easier. Anjali adds, “Employers do not just want someone who is good in academics. If you have prior work experience, it just works to your advantage.”

But some believe that the lure of earning good money may just steer you away from the intention to study further.

As Koushik says, “You get a new perspective when you start working. Though it doesn’t depend on the time gap, many a time if you find good prospects in the current job, you may not want to go back to studying. One should always get their priorities right, before deciding to take a break.”

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