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New Day

delighted The seniors holding placards waiting to take the freshers around the campus.  DH Photos by Shivakumar B H

The air was thick with excitement. The anticipation of stepping into a new phase in one’s life was tempered with the fear of what’s in store. It was a mixed feeling but nevertheless the girls looked like they’d made up their mind to give it their best shot, no matter what.

Mount Carmel College opened its doors to the first year degree students on Wednesday. It was a mature, confident and forthcoming group of young women who were sure of what they wanted from the college and had their three years all planned up.

The college, the girls said, had caught their fancy. Some said the faculty and courses offered were one of a kind, while a few others fell for the glamour element, saying that the most beautiful women had passed out of the portals of this institution. The geeks, the freaks and the ones who managed to strike a balance between the two were all there.

From clothes to accessories to shoes to mannerisms, the girls had made sure they were arriving in style. Some of them spotted their old college or school mates and felt at home almost quickly, while some others were still taking their time to make the right friends.

Metrolife spoke to a few degree students and was amazed by their level of confidence. There was no fear, no anxiety and the two years of PUC had done them a lot of good in shedding their inhibitions. Most students said that they were impressed with the credit courses that the college had to offer. Every student looked forward to being associated with the culturals at the college.

Parents too hung around and patiently sat through the orientation programme, speeches and a small presentation about the college put together by the college student union. For once, it was not students but parents who sat on the popular MCC driveway. 

Avani Giri, first year Economics, Maths and Statistics (EMS) students came all the way from Chennai. She said that she read up about the college on the Internet and was impressed with the courses and faculty strength.

“There are a couple of good colleges in Chennai but I thought the courses here were far more popular and in sync with the job market,” said Avani. It’s the leniency on the dress code that attracted Vaishnai and Madhuri, both students of Kumarans School to join MCC.

“There are no strict rules and as long as we are dressed decently it shouldn’t be a problem. The unlimited freedom and culturals are the best here,” said Madhuri.
Shreya, first year BBM student, did her PUC in Mounts so she was no stranger to the atmosphere but she said she’s glad to be back with her friends.

“We’ve our gang from PUC here in degree as well. I was a really a shy person but this college’s atmosphere has made me a stronger person,” she said.

As soon as the orientation programme got over, a few girls holding placards with subject combinations scribbled on them stood out. They were the seniors who were given the task of taking the freshers on a guided tour around the campus.

“It’s a tradition with us – the Commerce, Arts and Science students from the senior batch take the freshers around just to familiarise them with the campus,” said Arpitha, a second year Commerce student.  

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