Gang goes on shooting spree

Gang goes on shooting spree

Gang goes on shooting spree

Srinath, who was injured in a firing at Doddakallasandra in Bangalore on Monday. DH Photo

Followers of one of them, armed with lethal weapons, attacked the other gang. The bodyguard of one of the realtors fired six shots from a gun injuring many, but the police have received no complaints.

By early morning, the area wore a deserted look as many local residents locked their houses and left the locality, fearing consequences.

According to police, local residents Munivenkatappa and Devaraj, who own lands and have rented out houses, were at loggerheads for long.

On Sunday, during a family function at Munivenkatappa’s house, he and his son, Hemanth, had an argument that spilled onto the street.

A few tenants of Devaraj called him up, complaining about the row. Devaraj, who was in a bar, headed to the location and asked Munivenkatappa to behave himself.

The father and son made up, went back home, and within minutes returned with a group armed with weapons. They attacked Devaraj and his associates Nagaraj, Madhusudhan.

Thammaiah, Devaraj’s bodyguard took out his double barrel gun and fired six rounds. Struck in the legs, Habeeb and Srinath, associates of Munivenkatappa, collapsed.
The local police claim to have detained around 10 men, while a dozen are at large.

Srinath, who was injured, said: “I got a call from a friend about a gang war. I went along with Habeeb and found one of my friends being thrashed by miscreants. When I went to help him, bullets were fired. I did not know who fired at me due to the crowd and darkness .”