'I couldn't wait to get here'

'I couldn't wait to get here'

Stepping Ahead

Relaxed: (Sitting) Bhavya, Devaraj, Karthik, Pavithra. (Standing) Priyadarshini, Sabina,  Mamatha, Usha Devi and Poornashree.

The nervousness on the faces of the students was palpable but as they mingled with others, the air seemed to be more relaxed.

The college has always provided special care to the students who come from different backgrounds.

This was evident as the big group of wide-eyed students were ushered in. These freshers had mixed feelings but the teachers made the students quite comfortable.

Says Sabina, a science student, “To be honest, I was a bundle of nerves when I stepped into the campus. Most of all, I did not know what to expect. This is a new phase in my life and I have to get used to this routine.”

But the anxiety seemed to vanish into thin air as they managed to blend with the crowd and found like-minded people. Pavithra, a commerce student, agrees, “All of us were very nervous in the beginning. But eventually, as we started talking to our classmates, the tension seemed to ease.”

While for some, it was a nerve-wracking moment, there were a few others who were bubbling with enthusiasm.

Says Karthik, “I was really excited to come to college. It is a different experience altogether, very different from school, and I couldn’t wait to get here.”

What marks the beginning of college life is the absence of uniforms and the liberty
to wear clothes that one feels like.

Says Karthik, “We had to wear uniform throughout our schooling. So now we can break free.” But on the other hand, students like Sabina feel, “I would love to have a dress code here too. It will be less of a problem to choose which dress to wear if we have uniforms.”

They do not mind the rules and regulations either. Says Devaraj, “In the morning, the Principal addressed us and acquainted us with the rules and code of conduct we have to maintain. I feel this is good for us.” Even Priyadarshini avers, “The reason we feel secure here is because the teachers and seniors are very approachable and we have nothing to worry about.” For this reason, many feel, ragging is a non-existent concept in this campus.

College means more assignments and projects. Says Sabina, “The subjects we learn here are going to be a little difficult. We have to work hard.” But all said and done, these students are determined to make the best use of their time spent in this college and even do well in academics. With the various avenues the college offers, this enthusiastic lot have much to look forward to in the future.

Says Karthik, “I am particularly interested in dance and music. So I am looking forward to taking part in the various activities that the college will organise in the future.”

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