I exercise for an hour every day — push-ups, pull-ups and jogging. I’m unable to understand why my left chest responds better than the right one, although I exert equal pressure on both arms during workouts. What does it mean?

A It’s important to understand that muscles that make up the body are inherently asymmetrical. Thus, the dominant side always is bigger and stronger. Now, the way to work around this is by distributing the pressure unevenly when working out. Thus, while doing pull-ups, use the non-dominant hand more. This way you will notice the left arm/chest taking shape to somewhat the same size of the right. This way you can bring about some muscle symmetry.

Parul Dube

Q I am 5 feet, 9 inches tall, weighing 64 kgs. My arms are of unequal length, and my shoulders are disproportionate. How can I achieve proportionate shape and size?

A Your weight and height match your age. Everyone has some form of imbalance in their upper body. The exercise called the ‘Cross Crawl’  helps correct variations in shoulder, height and chest. Stand up straight and lift your right arm over your head. Lift your left knee simultaneously. Repeat the same with the other arm and leg. Then lift your left arm and right knee together. Repeat this 15 times.   When you begin workouts at the gym or start using weights, it is common to experience uneven muscle development on the arms, shoulder and chest. Performing extra sets of the exercise on your weak side will activate the muscles and even out the imbalance.  Pay attention to your diet. You can get adequate protein by  including foods like dals and pulses, milk products, eggs,  fish, chicken in your diet.

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