Murthy takes charge as DCC chief

“Our state is witnessing politics of caste, money and religion,” said former speaker B L Shankar.

Addressing the gathering at the charge taking ceremony of Congress District President M L Murthy, on Friday, he said that earlier politics was based on ethics, achievements and personality but now politics is played by dividing people and hearts.

He opined that BJP through crooked means have been taking away traditional voters of Congress and clarified that Congress still has the power to face the challenges posed by BJP. “All the leaders and partyworkers must take up the challenge of romping next elections,” he said.

MLC D M Puttegowda said that new president must be seasoned in his language and words and his words should bring more respect and honour to the party.

Former Minister C R Sagheer Ahmed advised the new president to function more efficiently by controlling his anger.

Outgoing President K B Mallikarjuna said that though there have been differences between him and party senior leaders, he will not quit Congress.

“I have been lured by other parties but I have remained untouched by such luring. Many have conspired to get me out of the party but henceforth those who conspire will pay dear for their act,” he warned.

Taking charge as new President M L Murthy said that              he will focus at organising the party and the day he fails to         fortify the party, he will step down.

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