A constant source of nuisance

A constant source of nuisance

Residents' Woes

A constant source of nuisance

The large number of wine stores, bars and restaurants in the City are creating havoc in residential areas. The State Excise Department claims that it has issued around 833 CL2 licences to wine stores and around 1335 CL9 licences to bars and restaurants in the City in 2010-2011.

Drunk men strolling around a neighbourhood during the nights is a cause of major concern for the safety of residents. People are fearful of walking on the streets during the evenings as they are witness to drunken brawls and intoxicated men creating ruckus on the streets.

Most of these wine stores also have cheap non-vegetarian food selling close by which in turn is a compelling factor for these men to stick around. The repulsive smell and litter caused due to these ‘gaadi’ non-veg eatouts is a cause of major disdain among the residents.

Metrolife asked the authorities and the residents of the City on how they intend to deal with it.

Garima (name changed), a resident of Amarjyothy Layout, Sanjaynagar, says, “We have a bar right opposite our building, which is creating a lot of problems for the residents.

Even though the deadline is 11 pm, it is open till about 1 am. Drunk men lying on the road and screaming is an everyday affair. The bar belongs to a politician. We have complained quite a few times to the owner and he says that he won’t budge from the place.”

Riaz Kakroo, a risk and compliance professional, on the other hand, says that the real issue to address is how wine shops are allowed operate in areas where children and women have a thoroughfare.

“Government needs to come up with guidelines which hold the owners of the wine shop responsible for any law and order situation. The owners too from their side can appoint bouncers to make sure that things don’t go out of hand,” he adds.

Abhishek Anantaram, a student, says that there have been instances where he has dropped intoxicated men home as he felt sorry for them. “I have heard of cases where drunk men knock on the doors of residents unable to find their way back home,” he says.

Residents of Kuma­ra­swamy Layout Second Stage have a bar right next to the main bus stop. “Commuting during the night can be harrowing affair as we need to go right in front of the bar to get home. To add to our woes, they have also opened a retail MSIL store right opposite the bar! We have tried many times to get the bar removed but nothing is ever done,” says an irritated resident.

A State Excise Department official says that while issuing licences they ascertain whether an area is residential or not. “The spot inspection takes place where residents living close to the outlet are asked and informed about the wine store and discussions are held with the councillor.

If people are unhappy about it, they can send in an application to the Deputy Commissioner or the State Excise Commissioner. A spot inspection is again carried out to check the validity of the complaint. If they find that the wine store is really creating a nuisance, the owners are notified and given three months’ time to relocate. If they fail to relocate in three months’ time, the licence is cancelled.”

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