Culturally rich, and yet...

Bijapur is a culturally rich district. While one half of the district is blessed with good irrigation facilities, the other half reels under drought.

The district has great monuments such as the Gol Gumbaz and Ibrahim Roza. Bijapur is also the land of great Sufis, and Vachanakaras. On the education front, the district is home to the state’s only Women’s University, also the country’s fifth. Vachana expert Halakatti, Hardekar Manjappa, known as Karnataka’s Gandhi, Banthanala Shivayogi, Babaleshwara’s Shantaveera Mahaswami, have all contributed to the district’s education scenario, in a big way.

Several Maths in the district continue to make their contribution to the field of education.

But, in spite of its rich cultural heritage, Bijapur  continues to be called a ‘backward district’.

Apart from the climatic conditions of the region, a lack of political will towards improving the district has also contributed towards the tag.

The rich heritage notwithstanding, Bijapur lacks proper infrastructure facilities.

The roads are bad, the water supply is poor and the sewage water runs through the streets. A lot needs to be done to make it a tourist hub, in terms of infrastructure.