Declare Chandradrona hills as forest land

Bhadra reserve forest, which comes under the tiger project is located in this region. The hills  gets transformed into a corridor in dry season when elephants from the reserve forest come here in search of water, when quenching their thirst becomes difficult in the reserve area. These elephants migrate to Yemmedoddi, Kamenahalli forest, Madagadakere, Ayyanakere region. The elephants from Thanigebailu region in the reserve forest climb up Kemmannagundi in search of food and water. While environment in Yemmedoddi, Kamenahalli forest, Madagadakere, Ayyanakere region is well suited for herbivorous animals, carnivorous animals migrate towards Mullaiahnagiri and Bababudangiri region. Many rare species of birds too have made the region their abode.

Another important fact is that while the population of tigers is declining all over the country, here in Bhadra reserve forest it is improving year after year as the environment is well suited for the tigers. The region would have undoubtedly been one of the best Tiger Conservation region if at all the government had handed over the revenue land in the region to Forest Department. Revenue land in the region has been surveyed and a proposal has been submitted to the government for the conversion of revenue land into forest land and the proposal is awaiting government approval.

In case Government transforms the said revenue land as ‘forest’ and takes action to declare the area as reserve forest then Bhadra Reserve Forest and the newly declared area together will form one of the best Tiger Conservation region in the country.

Since animals in the hills are disturbed by the anti social activities like smuggling, encroachment, poaching etc, it is time Government takes concrete steps to save the wild animals and the forest.

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