A colourful career in animation through Arena

A colourful career in animation through Arena


nimation can be found all over these days, and not only on television and in the movies.

Animation is a sparkling career option even though it is at its nascent stage in India. It is rightly said that animation is a career where one can literally ‘draw’ ones salary. Therefore, an individual should give emphasis to earning a higher education, whether it is just taking individual courses or pursuing a certificate or degree programme in order to specialise in animation and multimedia.

Essential animation techniques and training can be acquired through a formal animation training programme from an institute of repute like Arena Animation.

How to make a start

Firstly, you must have an incorrigible itch, to draw! If you have completed higher secondary school and are handy in drawing, you can enrol in any one of the spectrum of courses offered by Arena and which have been exclusively designed, in consultation with the industry.

Animation Pro is the latest offering from Arena. It is a 25-month, comprehensive animation programme with focus on Animation Design & Principles. The course fulfills the oft-requested requirements from the industry for in-depth knowledge and deeper specialisation from freshers poised to enter the industry.

B.Sc. degree in Multimedia and Animation - MS University, Tirunelveli, in association with Arena Animation, offers a B.Sc degree in Multimedia and Animation. The course curriculum includes all modules from Arena Animation’s flagship programme – Arena Animation Academy Specialist Programme, and four mandatory modules from MS University.

Game Art & Design is a 24-month comprehensive programme aimed at catering to the gaming industry’s demand for well trained gaming artists. The course has four semesters which cover Introduction to Gaming, Pre Production for Gaming, Game Production for Online, Console and Mobile Games & Game Project, with training in popular & much in use Game Designing tools used by the Gaming Industry.

3D Graphics & Visualisation  programme spans over 24 months, with three semesters covering 3D Graphics, 3D Visualization & Motion Graphics for Television & Films and exposing students to basic concepts of 3D Motion Graphics & Visualisation and their application on industry preferred tools. The course imparts skills like 3D Graphic Design and Animation, 3D Visualization, 3D Modeling, Texturing & Lighting, Camera and Rendering, High-end Motion Graphics for Television and Films.