MAAC's new course for greater film-making knowledge

MAAC's new course for greater film-making knowledge

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC) has announced the launch of a new flagship 3D course, the Advanced Diploma in 3D–Xpert (AD3DXPert). This course is in response to the often-requested requirements from the industry for greater film-making knowledge and deeper specialisations, on the part of freshers entering the industry.

While unveiling the course, MAAC Chief Creative Officer Sanjiv Waerkar said: “MAAC has been always in the forefront of innovation in its offerings to students due to its association with MEL, one of the largest production studios in the country. It is now widely realised by recruiters that the talent needs to be creatively oriented to deliver the best output and needs to be specialised in specific areas of expertise. Our Academic Advisory Board has endorsed both this view and the revised diploma offering that caters to this need. Thus we are the fore runners of pro-active educationists again.”

The new curriculum spans three semesters, with basics of digital film-making and cinematography forming the first semester alongside the physical medium of stop motion animation. The second semester contains the fundamental concepts of 3D. At the end of this semester, the students will have a good foundation in 3D, and will be counselled by their faculty as to what specialisation best suits them. In the third semester, the student doubles up with more concepts of 3D and post-production, alongside the chosen specialization module, which could be in modeling, lighting, animation, rigging, VFX or compositing.

Jasmeet Bhasin, Director Academic, MAAC, added: “It’s a major milestone to offer a curriculum which is both specialised and driven by filmmaking concepts. It is designed so students start interacting with physical mediums like Digital Filmmaking and Stop Motion at an early stage, and then goes on to cover all the CG major disciplines, before allowing a more matured student to make a knowledgeable choice of specialization. This boosts the creative ability and overall focus of the student.”

Along with AD3DXPert, MAAC will rework its other diploma course as AD3DPro, a general course for 3D students. The courses will continue to bear the exclusive validation of University of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). MAAC will also be creating standalone specialized modules for advanced students and professionals.

MAAC recently also announced a prestigious degree tie-up with IGNOU, the largest central university. This will include a certificate programme, advanced diploma programme and a three-year B.A. in Animation which will add elements of studio management, production management, cross-disciplinary visual and performing arts, and advanced project work, to the diploma courses. For course details, call 4202 8020 / 6453 4361 / 3241 2232.